How's the Real Estate Market During Covid 19?

Good afternoon, and welcome back! If you're new, don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell at, so you always know the latest up to date information on all things pertaining to real estate. Business is moving forward as usual. By as usual, I mean that we're continuing to innovate, we're staying on top of trends, and we're making sure that we're available and we're committed to our families and to our clients and taking care of everyone.

My dog is just rearing to go, but please know that I'm here for you with any questions, comments, concerns, whatever I can do to help. Rest assured that we are reaching out to our customers. Buyers and sellers are coming to market and closing deals. It's still a great time to enter into the real estate market. I have this incredible new program called Real Scout. It's the coolest way to search for a home. It's so smart. It's so intelligent. I can send you a link to sign you up (, but I promise you'll never use Zillow or Redfin again. Have a great day. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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