Real Estate Brokerage Seeks Homes To Sale During Record Seller's Market 2020

Hey, everyone. It's Steph with I just wanted to give you a quick little real estate market update. Here we are the first week in February 2020, and the buyers need houses! If you or anyone you know, who do you know, who's thinking of listing their house? We need those houses on the market now. We are seeing record numbers of offers, 20, 25 offers. There was 32 offers on a home in Methuen the other day. So we need properties to sell.

So who do you know who's looking to list in 2020? I'd love to meet with them. My dog wanted to be in this video. Branson. Anyway, that's it for me, we're opening up our brand new Leading Edge office in Andover next Wednesday. We're having a little cocktail party from four to six. You are invited. We'd love to let you know how we protect you better than any other company in the market. And there's no better place to list your home than with Leading Edge Real Estate and with me. So we'll talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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