Why I Chose To Become A REALTOR in Massachusetts and New Hampshire With Leading Edge Real Estate

Hey, everyone, it's Steph, with SellYourHouseWithSteph.com, the Instagram, the website. My name is Stephanie Saunders, and I am a real estate agent in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and I work with a company called Leading Edge Real Estate. They started in Boston and they've slowly been dominating the real estate market here in Boston and the Greater Boston Area, as we like to call it. I'm originally from Manchester, New Hampshire, so I know North Boston pretty well. I also lived out in California for 15 years. I lived in San Diego for college, San Diego State. Go Aztecs. I went up to graduate school in San Francisco at American Conservatory Theater, where I studied classical acting, and then I lived out in LA for seven or eight years working in entertainment, doing everything from world premier theater to television and film, and production.

Then I turned 30 and LA asked me to leave. I'm just kidding. It does get a little harder, though. So, I came back to New England. Actually, my Mom said something really great. I was kind of having a hard time in LA and I wasn't quite sure where I was going, and wondering is this where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, and I'd been away from New England for so long, but I still had that draw to the Boston area, and I still had that sarcasm and that wit and I really needed to get back with my family and get with my people, and so I came back to New England. My mom said, "You've never given New England a shot as an adult," and I thought that was really interesting, because you're right. As soon as I turned 18, I graduated high school, and I hit the road. I was California dreaming.

So, I came back and I've been here almost five years now, and it's been an incredible reawakening to the beauty of New England. I've just fallen back in love. In fact, the first time I was home, I just couldn't stop geeking out about all the homes, because in California, everything is very... I don't want to say the same, but I'm going to say the same. And in New England, there's such a mix of architecture and there's so many different homes and there's so many different neighborhoods, and I just kept looking at all the different homes like, "Look at that one, look at that one. Oh my God. Look at that one." And my sister at the time was like, "God, you really like houses. You should sell real estate." And I was like, "What? Me?"

So, that was the first time it was sort of brought to my attention that maybe there was an opportunity that matched my interests. Aside from entertainment, I'd always worked in the beauty industry. I'd always worked in beauty sales and worked for beauty brands in department stores. And then when I was in Los Angeles, I worked in the celebrity hair world. I was the director of first impressions, or let's just say, front desk concierge for some really top, major, amazing celebrity hairstylists: Chris McMillan, Jen Atkin, George Papanilolas, Andy Lecompte and so many more! So, that was another sales experience, as well as time management, as well as VIP relations. It was a really great training ground.

I worked there for several years, and since I've been back in New England, I've gone full time into the beauty sales industry. I'm currently a beauty stylist at Nordstrom, so basically I'm a personal shopper. I sell cosmetics, but I also sell the whole store and I style people and their husbands and their kids, and we do shoes and we do clothes and we do home goods and I do all kinds of... I like to call it investigative helping, because really, sales, for me, is all about just asking so many questions that I can give you options and ultimately let you decide. I think my success in sales is I really try to put the customer first. I really believe in customer service. I believe in followup. I believe in staying in touch. I believe in just staying in communication and top of mind.

I originally went to college as a communications major and a PR major, but I eventually got a theater degree and then another theater degree. But all these things in my life, they kind of have come together, and I was sort of... I'd been doing the retail for a while and I said, "Well, what else is there?" And I really wanted to take control of my destiny and I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and I really wanted to work in an industry where I set my own hours and I still can work in customer service, and so that led me to taking the real estate test and passing!

And it took me a long time to pick a brokerage. I interviewed everybody, and I mean, everybody from Newburyport to Boston to Andover, and ultimately I went with Leading Edge Real Estate because one of my clients, my very good customers that I've serviced for years, kept talking about how great her brokerage was, and I kept saying, "Well, it's more in that Burlington/Middlesex County area and I live up in Bradford (Haverhill), and it's kind of a little bit... I'm trying to not have to drive so much," but ultimately I finally got in there and I interviewed with Leading Edge, and I was so impressed with their brokerage. The way that they are changing the landscape and the industry, they really are on the cutting edge of real estate.

They really have great systems in place, and it's such a wonderful place for consumers, and as someone that's so customer service-focused, I know that systems + customer service equal success! I know that in order to build a book of business, you have to follow up and you have to stay in touch and you have to be a friend. It's so much more than sales. It's really just providing great customer service and doing what you would do for your friends.

So, I decided to go with Leading Edge, and this is sort of my official announcement. I'm also on my way down there right now, and I'm very excited to learn more about the industry. I'm working with a mentor, Christine Beaudry, who is in the Lexington office, and she's one of my past customers and clients, and so I really look forward to doing some deals with her, and I really look forward to helping you! (Yes, YOU the reader!)

I also have my New Hampshire license as of February 2020, just because that's a no-brainer since I'm so familiar with the Southern New Hampshire market and grew up in Manchester, and I guess that's a little bit about me. I'm on the highway now, so I should probably get back to driving, and I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'd love for you to join me on Instagram. It's at @SellYourHouseWithSteph. You could also find me on Facebook, same handle. Facebook page [email protected] Sell Your House with Steph. And there's also going to be a website and a newsletter so I can give you updates and I can give you market research. There's so much happening in the industry right now. I'm obsessed with everything that I'm learning. The market is still appreciating. The mortgage rates are low, and there's a lot going on. There's a lot of great investment properties, and I look forward to growing your real estate portfolio as well as my real estate portfolio and really helping you plan your real estate future, and what does that look like for you?

I am going to be setting up meetings via https://www.calendly.com/stephanieannsaunders if you would like to be on a shortlist of someone who would like to sit down with me and talk about real estate, talk about buying or selling, just talk about a long-term plan. It doesn't even have to be anything for today. Let's just start a conversation. You never know when something's going to come on the market, and if you know that someone's looking for that, it just helps me service you better in the long run.

So, I think that's it for now. There will be a website as well. Did I already say that? I did start a Twitter handle, too, @teambostonhomes becasue @sellyourhousewithsteph was too long or something, but you know. It's so hard to get one handle across all platforms. Has that ever happened to you? Leave a comment on any suggestions that you have for that.

And also, I'd love your feedback on your favorite CRM software. I'm definitely looking at a couple that I want to help grow my database and keep in touch with everybody. So, if there's a software that you like or if there's software that you tried that you are not a fan of, I would love that information because I'm currently putting all of that together. So, this is Steph signing out from https://www.sellyourhousewithsteph.com, and I'll talk to you soon. Have a great day!

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